A Storytellers Guide to Surviving the Entertainment Apocalypse

Storytellers are part of a unique family. Though entry is earned with time, and experience, once you’re inside, collaboration - even when it’s competitive – is the family motto.
Right now, with all of the chaos in the entertainment industry, the family is at a crossroads.  The big question is can we help each other enough to weather the storm?
The facts…
There are more creative people entering the business than ever before. 
There is more content being made than ever before. 
The incentives to building a brick and mortar business are disappearing.  
So, storytellers still need a place to produce (pre to post) and a team to support their vision (from legal and accounting to production management and more).
With GreenlightGO, we have a community of support personnel on speed dial (think: the sharing economy at work!) and we’ve listed dozens of companies with remnant inventory (think: space deals from storytellers for storytellers!) so creatives can focus on… CREATING.
So, in these chaotic times, lets live up to the family motto of collaboration and help each other, not just for sustainability but for long-term success.