Facility Roundup: Dumbo Edition

Everybody loves Dumbo. With quiet cobblestone streets lined with trendy boutiques, easy access to long walks on the Brooklyn Bridge or alongside the East River, and the breathtaking iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street, it’s the perfect blend of residential life, stunning green spaces, and stylish production houses. If you’re not already based out of Dumbo, maybe it’s time to start thinking of a move Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and we know exactly where you should go.

DUMBO Studio
Located street level for easy roll-in access, the studio is a one-stop shop for all of your shooting needs: with free grip equipment on site, a large arsenal of equipment ready for rent, and production support throughout, there’s few other production studio experiences so tip-to-tail. If you’re in need of a photo studio rental or a film studio rental in NYC, no location is more enviable than this one, and no experience feels quite so seamless.

Colorful Production Office in DUMBO
You may not know the difference between vacation and work after a while as you settle in to this post production house amongst the bright orange walls and yellow doors. This post production rental facility is perfect for the creative looking for a productive atmosphere and an environment that’s inspiring. Soak in the peace and tranquility in a private edit bay or lap up the community vibes in a shared edit suite, and take a lunch break looking out over the Brooklyn Bridge. This space has always got your back for post production rentals.

Prime Production in the Brooklyn Navy Yard
Although the Brooklyn Navy Yard isn’t exactly Dumbo, it’s close enough to count! Plus, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is the most up and coming sector of Brooklyn. Whatever your needs are, this facility packs the wow factor at every turn. A top-tier facility with tip-to-tail services and turn-key production, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard with incredible views of Manhattan. Who knew space like this even existed in NYC? With studios to fit your every need, conference rooms to get your meetings accomplished, edit bays to finish your projects in, and endless space to work in, it’s a one-stop shop to rent production for the prime producer looking for a space that’s going to make any executive or hard-to-please client very happy.