Welcome to GreenlightGO!

To say that the team here at GreenlightGO is excited is a bit of an understatement. We are extremely proud to announce the launch of GreenlightGO! Our platform offers an exciting new way to match content creators to premium post and production spaces whether for film, television, or commercials. In fact, we offer hundreds of thousands of square feet and can flex to your needs, no matter the size of the project. Though we’ll be in beta for a few months, this is an exciting moment that will open the floodgates to some of the best production and post production spaces available.
How Did GreenlightGO Come About?
We’ve seen fundamental shifts in the television/film production business, shifts that are changing the game for networks and production companies. With the "hurry up and wait" dynamic of the business, many top-tier production spaces have vacant space at certain times. This uncapped space resource could be an additional source of income, while also reducing the strain on budget for creators. 

GreenlightGO solves these problems by matching network and producer needs with underutilized production resources in New York and around the country. Our bespoke approach offers a white-glove solution, ensuring that each project is realized with ease, while putting more green on the screen.

Why We’re Set to Change the Stage:
Looking to create your masterpiece while saving cash? Content creators save cash while utilizing the very best post and production resources available. And we mean it: Our spaces have delivered to industry giants like Netflix, Amazon, History, and more.
Own a production space? You’ll enjoy a new stream of income. Rest easy in knowing that we’ve done the homework and only include the most premium spaces available, while respecting your privacy and specific needs.

And it gets even better: We offer a multitude of services from industry professionals, whether you need legal help, or simply need to offload the books to a reputable accountant. Check out our Other Services and you’ll see that we are truly a one-stop-shop for all of your production needs.

Who is Behind GreenlightGO?
Our team is comprised of industry veterans who are passionate about shaking up the system in only the best of ways. Meet our founders below:

Colby Gaines
Producer & Co-Founder of GreenlightGO
Colby is an executive producer and founder of Back Roads Entertainment, a New York and Austin-based content creator specializing in comedy and lifestyle programming. Since establishing the company in 2011, Gaines has created, sold and produced over 30 series, specials and pilots including 50 Central (BET) starring music icon, actor and entrepreneur 50 Cent, Big Bad BBQ Brawl (Cooking), Joking Off (MTV), Lake Life (DIY) and Culinary Beats (Yahoo) among many more.
Previously, he was the co-founder and owner of Leftfield Pictures, a production company best known for juggernaut hits such as Pawn Stars (History).

Michael Hirschorn
Producer & Co-Founder of GreenlightGO
Michael is the multi Emmy Award winning CEO of Ish Entertainment, a New York - based production company active in scripted, documentary, and reality TV. He is a contributing editor to the Atlantic and a contributor to numerous publications, including New York Magazine and the New York Times.
At Ish, Michael’s recent film, Gringo, about tech millionaire John McAfee, premiered at Toronto before airing on Showtime. The series This Week at The Comedy Cellar premiered on Comedy Central in October. Michael is a member of the Leadership Council for Oxfam.
Be sure to swing by our About page to say hello to the rest of our team!

The Future of GreenlightGO
Currently we offer spaces in NYC, but are rapidly expanding to multiple cities - with an eye on global expansion. We encourage you to browse our amazing spaces to see virtually 250,000 square feet of prime production and post production space, all ready to book for your next project!
We are constantly adding new spaces as well, and if you happen to have a production space sitting idly, be sure to see how you can put it to work here. GreenlightGO will open your doors to a curated community of producers with greenlit projects and secured budgets.

We Are a GO!
Please feel free to share the news as we truly feel that we’re filling a void in the industry. Our intention is very much about correcting a troublesome trend of penny-pinching that unfortunately affects the final product, not to mention the sanity of the content creators!
GreenlightGO offers the best of both worlds through great savings, a curated experience, and no compromise in the quality of the results. We feel this is the start of something truly special, and we look forward to having you along for the ride!