GreenlightGO Spotlight: Joe Greco Productions

We are excited to spotlight Joe Greco who found his short-term production home with GreenlightGO. Our Community Coordinator, Alexis, hopped on a call with him this past week to get the rundown. 

Joe started a commercial production company with a friend from college about 3-4 years ago. A recent project had their company super booked: their office was feeling overcrowded, and they needed several days of supervised edits with up to 6 clients at a time in edit bays that were already packed to the gills. 6 clients and an editor is a tight squeeze in most edit bays to begin with, disregarding the production crew that was also needed in the space. Having never rented outside of their own facility before, they felt like they didn't have the time to search, get pricing, tour and negotiate on their own. Luckily, they found GreenlightGO through a quick Google search and reached out!

Sam from the GreenlightGO team responded right away with two solid options and quickly set up a tour. After the first day, Joe and his team had found the perfect fit, and Sam took care of all the logistics. Within the facility, Joe said he frequently requested switching rooms to accommodate the flexing needs of their production, and his facility host couldn't have been easier or more accommodating! It was a great culture fit. As this particular project was very client-facing, we're glad we were able to find him a spot that perfectly suited his needs!

Check out Joe Greco Productions here: