Remember That First Uber Ride?

Do you remember the first time you took an Uber ride? I’ll never forget because it was a moment that fundamentally changed the way I thought about travel. I was on a work trip in Los Angeles and had lined up a dozen buyers over a couple of days to (hopefully) sell sell sell! Anyhow, at the start of the day, I asked the concierge in the lobby of the hotel where I could get a cab and she asked “You ever try Uber?”. After a quick download of the app and an exactly 1-minute wait, I was in the car en route. At that moment, I would’ve happily done an infomercial testimonial if you’d have let me. That wow feeling, that disruption from business as usual is happening more often now, especially in the entertainment industry. 
With GreenlightGO, we’ve recognized that a producer’s old way of finding and booking space for projects - everything from office space to edit suites to studios and even screening rooms - could be made easier and less expensive simply by providing a searchable platform that instantly connects the space holder with the producer. So, just like Uber we’re launching GreenlightGO in beta mode in one city to start: New York. We’re hoping over these next few months, entertainment spaces of all kinds from across the globe will on-board, saving producers time and money, helping them “put more green on the screen” and for the suppliers, it’s found money and a way to rub elbows with more creatives. So, please log on, check us out and spread the word.